Sunday, November 25, 2012

Favors are not just for weddings anymore


       As we know favors have been around for centuries and began with weddings.  They began as a sweet gesture of the bride's  love and appreciation of you for participating in such a momentous occasion and have evolved into momentos of many special occasions.
      In today's hectic world, we often don't have much time to get together with family and friends, so when we do it is an event to remember.   In addition to good food, "beverages" and engaging conversation, we like to mark the occasion with a small memory of the "GOOD TIMES".   They can be extravagant or a simple but heartfelt homemade gift. 
      Celebrate your life with beautifully wrapped cakes, cookies, jams or small flowering plants.  Attach small tags, reflecting the reason for the get together and decorate your table or use as place cards.  Light up the night with small votive candles or hand painted mason jars and offer them to your guests as they depart the festivities.

 You CAN do it!  You don't have to be an artist,  just draw from your inspiration for the party and use your imagination.  Everybody loves a surprise and they will be so impressed with your creativity and thoughtfulness.
      When to give party favors.....  Holiday gatherings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, baby and bridal showers, bachelorette parties, wine tasting parties, or just BECAUSE THEY ARE FUN!
      What to give as favors....
                         home made goodies in pretty bags, boxes and wine or martini glasses.  
                         Bar tools at your wine tasting party
                         holiday ornaments at your tree trimming gathering
                         picture frames at your birthday or anniversary party
                        candles or small plants in a painted glass
 Popular types of favors....
                    Eco-friendly....wildflower or heirloom veggie seeds 
                                           recycled paper note cards
         small treasures from thrift store (plates, cups, glasses,      painted , personalized or filled with herbs)                                         

Lets discuss another reason for a party!!!  
12-12-12!!! the last alliteration date we will see in our lifetime!!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A little history behind this gesture of love and gratitude

      The act of giving favors began hundreds of years ago, in Victorian England.  Wealthy brides gave small fabric bags of sugar cubes or sugared confections to their guests.  Sugar was an expensive commodity and signified their status of the wealthy class. Edible wedding favors appear to be the first favors and their popularity continues to this day, as one of the most appreciated of all!
5 Jordan Almonds Italian Bouquet Favor
    As sugar became more affordable to the general public, brides adopted this practice of presenting "Bonbonnieres" to their guests, as well.  Sugar covered almonds, called "confetti", became the popular choice.  The almonds, now known as Jordan almonds, represented the bitter sweet aspects of marriage. Each guest received 5 almonds wrapped in fancy damask fabric bags. The five (5) almonds stood for fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity for the marriage.  

    The wealthy, of course stepped up the presentation by attaching the bags of "confetti" to porcelain boxes, writing instruments and other small but practical gifts.  The DIY wedding favor was born!   Jordan almonds are still a very popular and traditional favor, today.  White sugared almonds are used for weddings, while pastel colored almonds are used for baby showers and Christenings.
     Favors are becoming so popular that you will find them at many milestone events and holiday parties.  There are so many ways to express your appreciation to your guests as well as just upping the fun factor of your party! 
      Why not start with your Thanksgiving family gathering? A small picture frame could be used as a place card holder at your holiday table.  Such a smart way to organize the seating arrangement to avoid those "heated" discussions that sometimes crop up at big, long  family get-togethers.  Your guests will think you are so thoughtful and elegant.  Little do they know just how clever you are!  

    Together, we will discover the vast array of favors and thank you gifts, from the handmade to the most opulent and elegant, for your special party, wedding or family gathering. 

                   Next up:  FAVORS AREN'T JUST FOR WEDDINGS ANYMORE!

                                  What was the best party favor you ever received?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coffee Cup Favors

                      Trending now for FALL HOLIDAYS:   warm and comforting...

Surprise your family and friends this Thanksgiving when you serve the pumpkin pie.  Brew up a pot of ESPRESSO and present each guest with this gesture of your love and gratitude.  They will know how thoughtful you are and remember this Thanksgiving gathering for years to come.

                                          .ESPRESSO CUP AND DISH PARTY FAVORS


Saturday, November 3, 2012 is OPEN!

Welcome to  INSTYLEPARTYFAVORS.COM.   I love a great party!   I have so many ideas, I could party everyday!  Although that would be great fun, it's not quite and life get in the way!  Right?!  So let's make those upcoming events and parties special.

                                       Are you ready to CELEBRATE LIFE in style?

I am ready to help you with the most stylish and exciting favors, gifts, and decorations to make your event a day to remember .
Are you planning a wedding, the birth of a child, a special birthday, a holiday get together or a party, well.... just because?

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