Monday, December 24, 2012


Today is Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year!  I love this day and have since a young child.  All of the chaos and commotion of getting ready for Christmas Day is done, gifts wrapped, cookies baked and the home decorated.  Anticipation is building, especially among the children, but a peace has settled in the house.
 I've always felt an inner quiet and peace.  Everyone is so happy and connected.
 FEEL IT! Sit around the tree or enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching a favorite Christmas show.
ENJOY IT!  It's the most perfect day of the year.
EMBRACE IT! remember it! Try to incorporate this magical feeling, into your life, every night of the year. APPRECIATE IT! all that you have and those you are with.
I know how important this feeling is...The saddest Christmas Eve, of my life, at the age of 7 (my mother died a month earlier) was given back to me 30 years later on the happiest Christmas Eve of my life when my daughter was born!
BELIEVE IT and it will come true for you.

                                                       ...AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT

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