Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The #1 trend in Weddings is 

CUSTOMIZE your day with your personal fashion style, hobbies and interests.  Are you the outdoors type,  fashion trendsetter, traditionalist or a little quirky and whimsical?
There are no rules when designing your dream wedding. After all it is about you and your future spouse.
 It is one of the biggest parties you will ever host, so make it your own.  Your guests will enjoy it because they are  your biggest fans and  are there to celebrate you.

More Trends and Ideas for 2013 
to help you customize your wedding day.

GLAMPING/RUSTIC: Rent a tent for your ceremony or reception. Incorporate natural materials and flowers into your decor, from table settings to favors. Wrap long garlands of burlap entwined with fresh greens around columns and chairs. Fill tall clear vases with twigs and twinkle lights for romantic lighting. Use crystal and china and hang chandeliers to add the GLAM to CAMPING.  Thank your guests with natural wood place card photo frame holders.

VINTAGE: Draw inspiration from the past.  Set the tone with music from your favorite decade.  Search vintage shops and even costume shops for the bridal party. Add in signature drinks and foods to complete the theme. Flapper bridesmaids or a  speakeasy decor invoke the carefree days of the Roaring 20's & 30's.

ECO-FRIENDLY/GREEN: Celebrate your day in an environmentally friendly style. Begin the theme with stylish invitations made from recycled paper. Choose favors boxes and bags made from natural materials. Serve a "farm to table " menu featuring organic and local foods.

ETHNIC: Cultural family traditions that are a big part of your life add meaning to your wedding.  Wedding attire, decor and foods that are representative of your heritage will showcase your pride on your day.

What side of  your personality will you celebrate on  your wedding day?

Let us know what ideas you're kicking around.

Tomorrow we will look  at MORE 
wedding ideas  
and trends.

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