Friday, March 1, 2013

reception ideas


SIGNATURE DRINKS: Serve your favorite mixed drink or a cocktail from your favorite era. Create a  wine or beer bar, showcasing local wines and micro brews. These specialty bars can be a great way to serve alcohol but cut down on costs of a full bar.

STATEMENT CAKES: Cakes are becoming more integrated into the overall theme or color scheme of the wedding.  They are taking on shapes and heights,  resembling  sculptures.  Your wedding cake is one of the easiest ways to pull all of your decor and style into one cohesive look.

CANDY & DESSERT BARS:  Candy "bars" are becoming more and more popular. They add color and interactive fun to the party!  and they are a great favor for your guests.  Dessert "bars can be as simple as a an ice cream sundae bar or an opulent display of cupcakes or mini wedding cakes.


DANCE MUSIC: Your wedding is perhaps the biggest party you will ever host!  Music makes every one happy and gets your guests interacting with each other. Make your own mix of dance tunes for the DJ.  Use a small band for your cultural traditional music and back it up with a DJ.  Enhance the dance floor with large monogrammed decals or lights.  Music makes for a good time that everyone will remember.

photo booth backdrop
PHOTO BOOTH/BACKDROPS: Treat your guests like celebrities!  Setup a photo booth for interactive fun.. Your guests will have a blast. Supply photo frames for the pictures and you have a favor that everyone will cherish!
Live, Love, Laugh Photo Frame
Chalkboard Square Photo Frame
White "Baroque" Photo Frame

Dance floor decals and place card/ photo frames are available at
Weddings are becoming so personal and creative!  It is a CELEBRATION of love and deep friendship.
  Do any of these ideas reflect your personality?


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