Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Theses unique and very usable gifts are all under $50.00! 

These wonderful men are so important in your life that you have chosen them to stand up for you and take part in the most important day of your life. 
 Show them how much you appreciate them with a personalized "thank You" gift as unique as they are!

Custom Beer Flight

4 mini pilsner glasses on a wooden paddle that can be "wood burned" engraved. 
Perfect for micro brew tasting parties!

BBQ tools in a Golf Bag!
The perfect but very unique gift for the groomsmen!  
BBQ tools in a golf bag, so perfect for the golf enthusiast and the backyard chef.  
They will love this.

Personalized Leather Money Clip

Engraveable Island Shooter Set

Groomsmen Emergency Kit

This "Emergency Kit" may just save the day! 
 Present this kit to each groomsmen on your wedding day! 
 It contains a razor, shaving cream, lint roller...just a few items to get them looking their best.  

We are always looking for unique and stylish gifts for our friends and family.  What have you come u with to show your appreciation?  How did you decide on your gift choice? individual personality? sports ? hobbies?

wedding favors, baby favors and so much more...

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