Monday, July 15, 2013

Second Marriages (Weddings)

Are you getting married for the 2nd time ( or 3rd)?   Are there do's & don'ts? NO, NOT REALLY!!

Following in the footsteps of   HALLE BERRY,  A small, intimate and elegant ceremony among family and close friends may be just what makes this day extra special.

1st Wedding Pic  HALLE BERRY

Consider these ideas as you plan your 
second wedding:

A Destination Wedding!  A small, intimate wedding where you have always dreamed of visiting or the place you first met.  It could be your most favorite place or your home.  

A Surprise Wedding!  Don't tell anyone of your plans.  Send out invitations to a party under the guise of a birthday celebration, holiday get together or housewarming of your new home.  If you don't want gifts, or you just want a very personal affair without all of the outside advice and "help", this is the perfect event for you! Imagine the fun of "pulling off" a surprise on everyone.
You must read this great story... MY BIG, FAT SURPRISE WEDDING

A Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony!  Include your children in the event.  They can walk you down the aisle, be a member of your wedding party and in some states, become a temporary wedding officiant!  Check with your state or county government if you're considering the idea of your children or a close family member performing the actual wedding ceremony. 

 Incorporate the actual ceremony into the reception venue.  You and your groom can walk into the center of the reception , from opposite sides and meet in the middle, under a gazebo or trellis, where the officiant is waiting for you.  AH, the romantic notion of...locking eyes across a crowded room..

Then there are the DETAILS...

*YES! you can wear white! Wear whatever you desire.  Never had the big white dress? Then go for it.
*NO! You don't have to wear a traditional "wedding dress"!  Wear a swimsuit and have a Beach Wedding!
*Don't need or want the traditional wedding gifts?  Register for what you DO want...The big box hardware store!  The surf shop!  The gourmet food store!
*Make it about your MARRIAGE & NEW FAMILY.  Include your children with UNITY CANDLES, a special ring ceremony and include them in your program or invitation.
*Spend your money on your favorite things! Host a fabulous catered gourmet meal in your home, or if flowers are your thing, enjoy the most over the top floral displays at your backyard BBQ wedding.  Combine the extravagant with the simplistic for a very personal wedding day, surrounded by everything and everyone important in your life.

Enjoy planning your second wedding.  You've been through planning a wedding before, whether it was a simple civil ceremony or a lavish over-the-top wedding reception.. DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. 

Are you planning your second wedding?  What are you doing that makes it special and unique to who you are today?


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