Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Your engaged!  
Now it's time to build the details of your wedding.  You know your theme, you've chosen your colors and maybe the date and venue, 

 But what about your wedding party?  This can be the most stressful decision you make, because you certainly don;t want to hurt any one's feelings.  If you have siblings, it's a no-brainer (provided you get along!) 


1. Wait until you have chosen your date before you ask people to be a part of your wedding party.  If your wedding is a year or more away, you may not have the same feelings for that person or there may be a conflict of dates, where that particular friend may have a major event prevent him or her from participating.


2.  You don;t have to choose siblings!  Maybe your not that close or your sister cannot fulfill the duties of a maid or matron of honor.  Invite her to be a bridesmaid instead.  Do you have a brother you are very close to?  There is no reason he can't be your MAN OF HONOR.

3.  Do you have more bridesmaids than groomsmen?  Not a problem.  Bridesmaids can walk down the aisle alone or in pairs,  

4. Yes, you can have 2 Maids of Honor or one Maid of Honor and one Matron of Honor or Man of Honor.  Maybe you want to honor your brother and sister, so the Maid (Matron) of Honor and Man of Honor gives both siblings a special place in your wedding.  ** When I was married, my husband had his 2 sisters stand up for him as his "Best Ladies"


5. Do you have to include your future sister-in-law in your bridal party?  No, but it may keep peace in your future family.

6.  You do not have to reciprocate.  If you were in other weddings, as a bridesmaid, it is not expected that you include that person in your wedding.

7. So how do you tell a friend or family member they will not be in your wedding party? 

    * Do not ignore the situation, especially if you feel she is expecting to be included.  Take her out for lunch or drinks.

   *Explain how difficult the decision was for you.  Tell her that you are having a small wedding,your trying to keep expenses within a tight budget or you have to accommodate your new in-laws.

   *Understand that she may be angry or hurt, but feel good that you addressed the mater in an honest and kind manner. 

  * You now can move on with a clear mind..

8.  Remember, the only rules for your wedding are the ones you set for yourself!  


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