Monday, September 23, 2013

Black & White Wedding Photography

Have you considered
Of course you want to remember every detail of your beautiful wedding day.  Color is certainly important,  your bridal party, flowers and reception venue and theme come alive in vibrant color. 
 But, there is something special about a BLACK AND WHITE photo.
 It evokes a mood, an emotion.  The focus is on the action only.
Sometimes color photography competes with itself and there is just so much to take in.


I see only PASSION and DEEP LOVE and JOY.  
Where it took place doesn't matter, its the feeling I get when I look at it. 
 It's the feeling  of that moment I want to feel!

This wedding could have been taken in the "60 or just yesterday, but the feeling of a casual "flower child "   love infused wedding is evident by the VW Van, so popular back in the day. 
 The BLACK & WHITE photo really enhances the retro theme

I love the random moment captured in the photo.  It may be a moment that the bride or groom didn't see first hand, but says so much about what others were experiencing during their wedding.  Of course they would want a candid picture of these adorable young men!  The BLACK & WHITE enhances the charm and elegance of what was obviously an enchanting venue, 
Photography: Kevin Mullins

This may have been staged by the photographer, but it feels like a private, intimate moment, 
that the Bride and Groom shared, alone. 
 It captures all of the hopes and dreams of the journey they are travelling together. 

How to choose what moments should be photographed in color or Black and White:
COLOR versus BLACK and WHITE Photos for your WEDDING

What do you think of BLACK and WHITE photos for your Wedding album? What key moments would you want captured in this timeless form of creating memories?

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