Sunday, January 20, 2013


With the ever rising popularity of Downton Abbey, VINTAGE WEDDINGS are on the rise.  
The look is soft, feminine and ever so romantic.  Lace, jewels, soft flowing fabrics create an aura of a more elegant and formal, but somehow a  simpler time.   Weddings were intimate affairs, celebrating this milestone event in a woman's life. And as it should be!
VINTAGE isn't limited to simple sweet romance...
From the  ROARING 20'S to the  ROCKIN' 50'S to the FLOWER CHILD of the 60'S and DISCO DANCIN' PARTIES of the 70'S. VINTAGE represents class, timeless fashion and attitude.  Think of the fun these past decades represent....freedom of thought, expression of your own personality, passions, hobbies and fun! Oh, and DANCING, something each decade had in common..So don't forget comfortable but fashionable statement shoes.

We all know a lovely pair of shoes changes our attitude about ourselves!
VINTAGE is a time, a place, a feeling, a vision that shows how you feel deep inside, it represents our innermost perceptions of who we are.  Your wedding day is the perfect day to share that vision with all of those you love. PLAY DRESS UP!  Were they not the most fun days of your childhood?  you could be anyone you wanted!  Recapture that feeling.

How romantic is this garden wedding?  Every venue should have a chandelier! Even a picnic!

Set an inviting and romantic table for you and your guests  Raid Grandmother's china cabinet for your personal place setting or go thrift shopping for beautiful mismatched china and silverware.  Easy DIY to really put your personality into it.  Then take it home with you.  Now, that's a memory!

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